HealthConnect staff is able to provide a full range of project services to support the application of ICTs in international health and development programs.


HealthConnect International works with clients and stakeholders to evaluate the existing needs and ICT infrastructure and then presents alternative immediate and long-term solutions and strategies.

Project Management and Procurement

Whether your program envisions building the ICT infrastructure for a health care organization, providing training, or developing a database or e-learning application, HealthConnect is capable of coordinating all aspects of project implementation. If necessary, a staff person will be assigned to serve in-country for the length of the project. Our staff can also coordinate competitive procurement in compliance with client requirements.

Capacity-building and Training

HealthConnect International works with all types of health institutions to build organizational ICT infrastructure and human resources capacity. They have also delivered dozens of international training workshops and distance training courses, and developed a catalog of training modules on ICT-related topics including:

  • Health information retrieval
  • Evidence-based practice (how to evaluate and apply health research)
  • Information systems planning
  • Database design
  • ICT training-of-trainers
  • Sustainability
  • Website design
  • Computer network development

HealthConnect can deliver courses from its existing catalog or develop new modules based on client specifications. Trainings are conducted on-site, at a central location for small or large groups, or through an e-learning program. HealthConnect staff can also arrange for one-on-one training or consulting with clients or stakeholders.

Monitoring and Evaluation

HealthConnect identifies measurable objectives for all of its programs and can adapt or develop specialized monitoring and reporting tools. HealthConnect staff also assists in the production of program reports and conduct or facilitate full-scale program evaluations.

Regional Conferences

Whether conducted face-to-face or online, conferences and meetings provide the opportunity to disseminate results and valuable lessons learned. HealthConnect staff has coordinated dozens of face-to-face meetings and virtual events and handles all aspects of conference coordination, ranging from logistics to agenda planning and session facilitation.

Information Systems Planning

HealthConnect emphasizes a gradual, organic approach in supporting the development of information systems for health care organizations. Our staff works with stakeholders to develop applications that will be compatible with the long-term information systems development plan of the institution.