April 2011 - Free Information Resources Bulletin

Free Information Resources Bulletin
April 2011

American International Health Alliance
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The Free Information Resources Bulletin is intended to promote improved access for healthcare institutions and professionals, with an emphasis on resources available in English. This bimonthly Bulletin provides information on different types of publications – manuals, monographs, books, journals, CD-ROMs and other resources – available for free in hardcopy or electronic format for healthcare professionals from countries with developing economies.

The information in the Free Information Resources Bulletin is obtained from the publishing/distributing organizations themselves and presented as a service to LRC mailing lists subscribers. AIHA is not responsible for the actual content or the accuracy of the information presented.

If this document is to be redistributed or posted on another Web site, we request that it be posted in full/without alteration, and that credit is given to the AIHA as the source of the document.

Your input on new free information resources will be greatly appreciated.


Books/ Manuals/Reports

  • Method for Synthesizing Knowledge about Public Policies
  • The Burden of Cancer in Developing Countries
  • Impact Evaluation in Practice
  • Social Media: A Guide for Researchers
  • Developing Strategies for Improving Health Care Delivery
  • Reaching the Unreached: A Practical Guide to Producing HIV and AIDS Prevention Audio-Visual Material in Ethnic Minority Language
  • Monitoring Equity in Access to AIDS Treatment Programmes. A review of Concepts, Models, Methods and Indicators
  • Paediatric Surgery: A Comprehensive Text For Africa
  • Communications Handbook for Clinical Trials


  • Sexuality Education and related documents CD-ROM


Method for Synthesizing Knowledge about Public Policies (2010)
: The National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy, Canada
Description: This document seeks to meet the needs of public health actors acting as expert advisors to decision makers during the promotion, adoption, and implementation of public policies. Fulfilling this role requires them to synthesize knowledge about how effective public policies are at promoting health (including how effective they are in a given context) and about the issues surrounding the implementation of these policies.
How to obtain: Available online as PDF file [65p.]
URL: http://bit.ly/dRO8Y3

The Burden of Cancer in Developing Countries (2010)
: Susan Higman, Global Health Council
Description: A Global Health Council Report on the Cancer Advocacy and Learning Institute
How to obtain: Available online as PDF file [72p.]
URL: http://bit.ly/g52KBP

Impact Evaluation in Practice: A New Guide (2011)

Author: Paul J. Gertler, Sebastian Martinez, Patrick Premand, Laura B. Rawlings, Christel M. J. Vermeersch
Description: By World Bank. Non-technical overview of how to design and use impact evaluation to build more effective programs to alleviate poverty and improve people’s lives. Aimed at policymakers, project managers and development practitioners. The book is accompanied by a set of training material -- including videos and power point presentations. It is a reference and self-learning tool for policy-makers interested in using impact evaluations and was developed to serve as a manual for introductory courses on impact evaluation as well as a teaching resource for trainers in academic and policy circles.
How to obtain: Available online as PDF file [266p.] 
URL: http://bit.ly/e4iiX1

Social Media: A Guide for Researchers (2011)

Author: The International Center for Guidance Studies
Description: Social media can change the way in which you undertake research, and can also open up new forms of communication and dissemination. It has the power to enable researchers to engage in a wide range of dissemination in a highly efficient way. The International Center for Guidance Studies at the University of Derby has produced a social media guide to help researchers understand the range of social media tools. The 48-page guide has links to a variety of resources including academic and research blogs and collaboration tools. Also included are case studies profiling ten researchers and their use of social media.
How to obtain: Available online as PDF files. To request hard copy of the guide, email catherine.gray@rin.ac.uk
URL: http://www.rin.ac.uk/our-work/communicating-and-disseminating-research/s...

Developing Strategies for Improving Health Care Delivery: Guide to Concepts, Determinants, Measurement, and Intervention Design (2010)

Author: Elizabeth H. Bradley, Sarah Pallas, Chhitj Bashyal, Leslie Curry, Peter Bermanb. Health, Nutrition, and Population Family (HNP) of the World Bank's Human Development Network
Description: “Measuring and improving organizational performance is complex because organizations are diverse and dynamic. Users of this guide should take away a toolkit of concepts and methods that can help them identify which questions to ask and how to answer them in the context of defining, measuring, and improving performance of health service delivery organizations. Having this broad set of tools with which to understand and enhance organizational performance can contribute to improving health service delivery and ultimately to health outcomes“. 
How to obtain: Available online as PDF file [100p.]. 
URL: http://bit.ly/gHlA80

Reaching the Unreached: A Practical Guide to Producing HIV and AIDS Prevention Audio-Visual Material in Ethnic Minority Language

Author: UNESCO
Description: “The manual is designed for people who want to develop materials in ethnic languages but are not sure how; for example, local communication and health officials, NGO workers and people from other organizations. Explaining and giving examples of why culture and language are essential in HIV prevention, the manual offers a simple but detailed explanation of the 12-Step UNESCO Methodology for developing and creating these culturally and linguistically appropriate prevention materials such as such as radio shows, TV soap operas, comics and movies. It also outlines practical steps needed to design and produce a prevention drama in ethnic languages“. 
How to obtain: Contact David Feingold, Coordinator for HIV/AIDS and Trafficking Projects, Culture Unit at ophidianfilms@hotmail.com
URL: http://hivaidsclearinghouse.unesco.org/no-cache/clearinghouse-services/n...

Monitoring equity in access to AIDS treatment programmes. A review of concepts, models, methods and indicators (2010)

Author: World Health Organization
Description: This toolkit, developed by WHO and EQUINET, provides a practical resource for programme managers, health planning departments, evaluation experts and civil society organizations working on health systems and HIV programmes at sub-national, national and regional levels in east and southern Africa
How to obtain: Available online as PDF file [98p.].
URL: http://whqlibdoc.who.int/publications/2010/9789241564120_eng.pdf

Paediatric Surgery: A Comprehensive Text For Africa (2010)

Author: HELP – Health Education Using Low-Cost Publication
Description: Produced by HELP, a number of professional editors, and over one-hundred-andfifty of reputable contributors around the world, this book is an essential accessory for those working in Africa where there has been a lack of appropriate and affordable medical material for surgeons and patients alike. Additional chapters will be added as soon as they're approved and a print version will be made when the book is finalized
How to obtain: Available online as PDF files [800p.]. 
URL: http://www.global-help.org/publications/books/book_pedsurgeryafrica.html

Communications Handbook for Clinical Trials: Strategies, tips, and tools to manage controversy, convey your message, and disseminate results

Author: Elizabeth T. Robinson, Deborah Baron, Lori L. Heise, Jill Moffett, Sarah V. Harlan
Description: “It is a powerful resource that guides the work of researchers, study coordinators, and communications professionals involved in clinical trials of new drugs or interventions. Incorporating lessons learned and best practices from trial experiences in countries worldwide, the Handbook provides practical guidance for anticipating and responding to the challenges posed by clinical research, especially in resource-limited settings.“ contains more than 40 contributed pieces by researchers and communications experts who share their ideas, lessons learned, and advice based on their experiences with trials in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the United States, and Europe.
How to obtain: Available online as PDF file [8,8MB].
URL: http://www.mmci-communications.org/resources/communications-handbook-for...


Sexuality Education and related documents CD-ROM (2010)

Author: UNESCO
Description: This CD-ROM contains the key resources developed by UNESCO's programme on sexuality education - International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education: An evidence-informed approach for schools, teachers and health, published in December 2009 by UNESCO in partnership with UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNICEF and WHO. The programme on sexuality education is designed to support the implementation of the UNESCO strategy on HIV and AIDS and fulfill UNESCO's lead technical role on HIV prevention for young people in educational institutions, in accordance with the UNAIDS division of labour. The CD-ROM is multilingual, available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese.
How to obtain: To order a copy of the CD-ROM please contact: aids@unesco.org 
URL: http://hivaidsclearinghouse.unesco.org/no-cache/clearinghouse-services/n...

Compiled by Irina Ibraghimova, PhD
Library and Information Management Specialist
HealthConnect International

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